Fair: ART MIAMI, December  5, 2023 – December 10, 2023


December 5 - 10, 2023

Born in Milan in 1969, Loris Cecchini lives and works in Berlin. One of the most prominent Italian artists on the international scene in the last decade, he has shown his work around the world, with solo shows at prestigious museums and galleries.
He has exhibited his works in solo and group shows in prestigious museums and galleries including; Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne Métropole, MOMA PS1 in New York, Shanghai Duolun MoMA in Shanghai, the Kunstverein in Heidelberg, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano. Cecchini has also participated in various international art events, including the 49th and 51th Venice Biennale, the 6th and 9th Shanghai Biennale, the 13th and the 15th Rome Quadriennale, the Taipei Biennial (Taiwan), the Valencia Biennial and the 12th International Sculpture Biennale of Carrara. He has also contributed to many group shows, including the Ludwig Museum of Cologne, Palazzo Fortuny in Venice and Macro Future in Rome.
Born in León (Spain) in 1968 and at the end of the eighties he studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. Throughout his professional career, Verbis, who has never stopped experimenting and renewing his plastic language, has managed to produce a hybrid work that has been seen in various galleries, fairs and art centers such as the MUSAC of León, the CAB of Burgos, the Drawing Center in New York or the DA2 in Salamanca. At the beginning of the nineties his work was moving away from painting to give way to works with a marked conceptual character. In these works, authorship was annulled by graphically recording linguistic propositions or formulas, which resulted in a series of drawings on the wall or on intervened recycled papers. These works, sometimes ephemeral, constitute the most representative part of his work until the end of that decade. Starting in 2000, Verbis's work became more restless and he began to introduce unusual materials into his painting (cotton threads, plasticine, canvas, buttons…). In an attempt to reconstruct the idea of the painting as an object, I end up deconstructing the idea of what painting could or could not be. It is just at that moment when the frame becomes a characteristic element of his painting. Today Verbis painting has become more introspective, more complex. His work forks into heterogeneous paths that are not always easy to follow: on the one hand, Verbis practices a biomorphic abstract painting in large polyptychs and on the other hand an action painting whose best exponent are his mural works. Nor can we forget his disturbing sculptures or his works on paper: drawings, engravings, photographs and collages in which a certain sui generis figuration makes an appearance.
Ómò Oba (HRH) Adétòmíwá A. Gbadébò
Born Ómò Oba (Prince) Adétòmíwá A. Gbadébò in Abeokuta, Nigeria; into three royal families: the Gbadébò royal family of Egba Kingdom and the Adémilúyì family (Lafogido ruling house) of Ilé-Ifè Kingdom as well as the Oshodi (Tapa) royal family from Lagos; who originally are from the Nupe kingdom (Now Bida). Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadébò uses his Yorùbá heritage and life experiences to create his pieces based on emotions and the journey that life stitches; he embodies a spiritual trance while he creates. He does not associate himself with any artistic movements; for it is with the guidance of Olódùmarè that he executes his messages. As multiple ideas develop in his conscious and unconscious mind, they evolve into languages of spiritual prowess, guided by Orishas (Yorùbá spiritual ancestors), Olódùmarè (Yorùbá creator of all beings on earth) and Ifá philosophy (Yorùbá religious concept), with the inclusion of his global travels. He also pushes to teach humanity to truly see what they are choosing not to see; question all conscious solutions given, while selflessly aiming for positive progression for all alike and different. Yorùbá spirituality, earth, teachings of communal emphasis, human will, Yorùbá music by greats such as Chief Hubert Ogunde, Duro Ladipo as well activist and musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti have a huge influence on why he creates fierce and conversational works of art today.
Felice Grodin, born in Bologna, Italy, currently lives and works in Miami Beach. She obtained her Bachelor of Architecture from Tulane University and her Master of Architecture with Distinction from Harvard University. Her explorations in alternative landscapes have been exhibited in Cartographies, Lost Horizon and nolo contendere at Diana Lowenstein Gallery. Her work has been featured at the Tampa Museum of Art, Manifest Research Gallery and Drawing
Center in Cincinnati, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts in Tallahassee, the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, Dimensions Variable in Miami and Girls’ Club in Ft. Lauderdale. Invasive Species at PAMM Museum, Miami 2017/19. Invasive Species at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), curated by Jennifer Inacio. The work mediates a future ecosystem through the lens of augmented reality. Since then she has teamed up with PAMM in the creation of new AR artworks for collaborations with: UNTITLED Art Fair, The Deering Estate and the forthcoming exhibition IM/Movable Assets at Miami International Airport. She is also a founding member of the collaborative A.S.T. (Alliance of the Southern Triangle), which explores artistic and cultural possibilities reimagined in an era of climate change and political volatility. A.S.T. has been awarded the Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE) in 2020. Resident at OOLite Art, 2020
Udo Nöger was born in 1961 in Enger, Germany. He grew up in Bielefeld where he studied painting at the Fachhochschule Bielefelf University from which he graduated in 1983.
He made his exhibition-debut in 1984 in Germany. Since then he held studios in Berlin, Cologne, New York and Miami.
Nöger’s art has been exhibited over the last 30 years throughout museums and galleries in Europe, Asia and the US.
In 2011 he had his first retrospective showing works from 1990 to 2011 in the Osthaus Museum in Germany.
Currently he maintains studios in Southern California, in Miami, FL and in Geneva, Switzerland.
Born in Argentina, Alejandra Padilla continues to live and work there while participating in solo and group exhibitions internationally since 1994. She has received various awards and scholarships.
Solo shows: 2017 :20 years with Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Diana Lowenstein gallery, Miami, FL. 2015: Collages and Drawings, Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, FL .2013: ∞, Praxis Chelsea, New York, NY. She has participated in art fairs around the world, and is present in renowned collections.
Born 1962 in Bochum, Germany. After High School Graduation Salz studied engineering at RWTH Aachen. From 1979 to 1981 Salz got private lessons in painting, drawing and history of art. Since then he was continuously guided and educated by various artists. He started his own career as an artist in 2002. Solo Shows (Selection) 2016 ‚RESIN’ neue arbeiten, Galerie Feurstein, Feldkirch (A) -Unlimited’, Galerie Lausberg, Düsseldorf - Malerei – Zeichnung – Objekt, Galerie Kautsch, Michelstadt (D)- Galerie Schmalfuß (mit Bodo Korsig und Jürgen Paas), Marburg (D) 2015 ‚Out-Look’ Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover - Zwischen den Zeilen’ Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Wien (A) - Perception’ Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami/FL (US) - ‚In Situ’, Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg 'RESIN' Galerie Obrist, Essen

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