Born in 1952, Montreal - Canada

The use of cameraless photogram techniques by Michael Flomen in nature achieve a balance whereby nature is a co-participant in the photo process.  Nature is no longer objectified, with each biological element segregated and categorized. Instead the various elements interact with each other and a holistic integrity of interlinked events, a dynamics that is nature becomes the common thread through all these photograms.  Human, plant and animal worlds come together in the visual flux of each photogram.  Flomen continues to evolve the language of his photography.  His recent photograms combine the phenomena that are constantly occurring in nature, whether the actions of water, light, air or other external physical elements. He does so with an ingenious hands-on approach that contrasts the passive photographic role of simple documentation. His approach is less egoistic in its understanding of the photographer’s role, in that it engages in a visual discourse that questions our place in the universe … As Michael Flomen says, “I make photograms of things we do not see, but know are there.” - from Utopophotography by John K. Grande